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In a grey world of loneliness
It's for a school project about someone leaving his country...Hope you like it!
Surprise attack !
A gift for the amazing person named Cookienono14
 Nono belongs to: Cookienono14
Cara belongs to :Me :D

I thought it would be a good I idea to draw Cara as well because she is my kitsune >///< I hope you don't mind and you'll enjoy it anyway!

I hope you like it senpai! <3 (hehe)

Adagaki Aki |Masamune~kun no revenge|
I drew the female protagonist, Adagaki Aki , At the beach. Hope you like it! I didn't want to leave her in the anime style and tried to capture her in semirealistic style. It's my first time trying to achieve this artstyle so if there are some mistakes I am sorry! Also this the first time trying to draw landscape and I am not used to backrounds ;-;

I am a fan of the anime but at first it wasn't my intention to draw her...I was trying new brushes and doing sketches...And sooner or later she came out...I was so bored to draw the background but I think it turned out good...

Tagged by:GreekAphmauLover1

1. You have to post ALL the Rules. 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry. 
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. 
10. Be creative with the title.

          yay! :D

Fact Number 01: I Am 12 Years Old And I Speak Two Languages, English and Greek 
Fact Number 02: I Don't Have A Sister Or Brother (I Am Lonely D:)
Fact Number 03: All My Friends Are Older Than Me
Fact Number 04: I Love Anime
Fact Number 05: I've Watched 6 Anime: Lovely Complex | Watamote | Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo | Sword Art Online (2 seasons) | Toradora | Mirai Nikki
Fact Number 06: I Am Not Watching TV
Fact Number 07: I Love Wearing Skinny Jeans
Fact Number 08: I Am A Bookworm
Fact Number 09: I Am A Really Good Student
Fact Number 10: I Am Talking To My Self (A Lot)
Fact Number 11: My Phone Is Samsung Galaxy S3 (I Have My Father's Old Phone)
Fact Number 12: My Best Friend Moved To Germany This Summer
Fact Number 13: My Favourite Aphmau Character Is Travis

 Her Questions...
                                                                                ...My Answers

Question Number 01:  How long have you watched Aphmau?
My Answer: I Think I Watch Aphmau Around One Year

Question Number 02: Do you cuss?I sure am!
My Answer: He,he...Yeah I Swear Too...But rarely,I Must Be Very Angry To Do That

Question Number 03: What do you want for your birthday?
My Answer: Hmm...I Am Not Sure Yet...But I Would Like Some New Clothes

Question Number 04: What's your name on Wattpad?
My Answer: Annathepinksheep 

 Question Number 05: Favourite series from Aphmau?
My Answer: Hmm I Like Them All But, By My Personal Prefrence, Is "My Street".

Question Number 06: Watch this: what do you think?
My Answer: It's Well Made But Kind Of Disturbing As Well...

Question Number 07: Do you have a pet?
My Answer: I Had One,It Was A Turtle But It Died One Year Ago.

Question Number 08: Would you like to be my friend?
My Answer: Yeah, Why not? You Sound Like A Really Cool Person!

Question Number 09: What is your fave song?
My Answer: I Could Say That It's "Take A Hint" Or "Dollhouse"

Question Number 10: Am I boring?
 My Answer: I Don't Really Know You Personally But I Can Say That You Are A Really Creative Person Only By Reading Your Amazing Stories!

Question Number 11: What is your fave outfit?
 My Answer: My Hair In A Bun With A Loose Black T-Shirt,Shorts And My Favourite Converces

Question Number 12:  I am done.....Did you like the questions?
My Answer: Yeah They Were Really Good And Fun To Anwer But...Are You Sure You Are Done? I Think Something Is Missing

Question Number 13: -ERROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND-
My Anwer: Uhh...I Think I Found What's Missing, He He ...

My Questions

 Question Number 01
 Your Favourite Food?

 Question Number 02
  Do You Watch Aphmau?If Yes Who's Your Favourite Character?

 Question Number 03
  Do You Watch Anime? If Yes What Is Your Favourite?

 Question Number 04
  If You Had One Wish, What Were You Going To Wish For?

 Question Number 05
  Unicorns or Pegasus ?

 Question Number 06
   Favourite Sweet?

 Question Number 07
  Do You Have A Crush?

♥ Question Number 08 ♥
   Favourite Animal?

♥ Question Number 09 ♥
  If You Won A Vacation,That Everything Was For Free,Where Would You Go?

♥ Question Number 10 ♥
  Do You Ship People?If Yes What's Your Favourite Ship?

♥ Question Number 11 ♥
  Who's Your Favourite Youtuber?

♥ Question Number 12 ♥
   What Do You Think Of My Art?

♥ Question Number 13 ♥
  What Kind Of Clothing Suits You The Best?Why Do You Like It?

                                                                           ♥My Tags♥



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello my name is Anna I am 12 years old, I am from Greece and I love Drawing and Painting♥ My favourite youtuber is Aphmau, as you can tell from my art♥ Art for me is only a hobby so far♥ Hope you like my Art♥ If you like my art please ,Favourite,Comment, Share and watch me If you like ^3^♥

Thanks for your time ♥


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